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Frequently asked questions

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How many appointments will this take?

It will take 3 appointments depending on the county your divorce action is brought in.


How long will my initial appointment take?

Plan for one hour, give or take.


Does my spouse need to come to the appointment with me?

It is preferred that spouses come to the initial appointment together however if you prefer to come in separately that is fine.  If your spouse resides out of the area and would like to participate via phone and mail that is acceptable.   


What do I need to bring to the appointment?

a.  Health insurance cards for each member of the family (if you have children under 21 years of age and if you and/or your children have health insurance);

b.  The name and approximate amount of retirement, pension, investment and savings plans, if any;

c.  Your most recently filed tax return with all attachments, W-2 Tax and Wage Statements and 2 recent paystubs;

d.  The names and amounts of existing loans and mortgages, if any;

e.  Copies of separation/settlement agreements or mediation agreements; if any;

f.  If you have children under 18 years, copies of existing custody orders, if any;

g.  If you have children under 21 years, copies of existing support orders for children born of the marriage and for children born outside of the marriage, if any;

h. Drivers License;

i. Marriage Certificate and type of ceremony (civil or religious)

j. Agreed upon or established value of all real estate owned by either party;

k. Existing support orders of any nature (i.e. child support, spousal support);

l.  Date of Birth, Social Secuirty Number and Address for each spouse and child.

m. All addresses for your child(ren) during the past 5 years and current address of all individuals who       
have resided with your child(ren) during the past 5 years.    

n. Cost of child(ren)'s portion of health insurance premium (Ex: Family Plan Cost minus Single Plan Cost; Employee + Child Plan Cost minus Single Plan Cost, etc.)


Will I have to to go Court?

No, court appearances will not be required.  It is an unusual circumstance for a judge to require an appearance in an uncontested divorce.


What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse agree on the divisions of your assets, debt, custody and support.


How long will it take for the divorce to become final?

Approximately 4 - 6 weeks, depending on the county you file in, the assigned Judge and Court schedule.*


Do I have to have an attorney to get a divorce?

No, you don't have to have an attorney to get a divorce.  You can represent yourself.  


If live out of the area, can we handle this by mail?

Yes, we can handle your divorce paperwork by mail and/or email.


Is there a provision to go back to my maiden name?

Yes, there is a provision to resume use of your prior surname (maiden name or alias) if you choose to do so.


Am I required to go back to my maiden name?

You do not have to go back to your maiden name.  It is your choice.
*Please note: Mediation matters and document preparation and processing assistance involving children normally exceed 4-6 weeks.